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Film Scoring & Sound Design

"Sophie is a fantastic collaborator. Her perception of tone and atmosphere elevated the work we had created in our short film "Away". It would not have been the same film without her, her imagination and dedication. I can't wait to see what she works on next!"

Composer & Sound Designer

Away (Short Film) by Ludmylla Reis


Composer & Sound Designer

Albert N. (2020) by Théâtre Tremplin

Directed by Lionel Lehouillier

Film Score Composer

Composed, recorded & mixed by Sophie D'Orléans

NFB short movie created by Jenn Strom

Sound effects, intro and outro credits provided by NFB


Instrumental piano medley of character themes

Composed for Albert N. (2020) by Théâtre Tremplin

Directed by Lionel Lehouillier

Podcast Music Composer

Screenshot (371)_edited.jpg

Composer & Editor

6 episode VLOG series  documenting my trip to

Gaspésie, Québec

In all the rich details, whether it be whirly keyboard line or a new harmony, D’Orléans crafts an emotional tapestry.

Free yourselves from your inhibitions by listening to the soothing vocals and intimate songs of multi-instrumentalist and trilingual singer-songwriter, Sophie D’Orléans.

The song is a waterfall basking in golden sunlight, harmonies glimmering in warm luminance. Sleek production soothes you into a trance.


Sophie's Picks

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